Probate Law & Estate Litigation


If a will or trust is contested, you need an estate attorney to protect your interests or your family members' interests in probate court. Our attorneys work to prevent a dispute from happening in the first place, but if it occurs, we are your advocates in the courtroom.

These types of legal issues require a knowledgeable attorney who works effectively with your family. Our lawyers have successfully litigated numerous cases in which the Will or a year's support petition was challenged. Please contact us if you believe the deceased's Will is invalid for any reason, including the following:

  • Undue influence
  • Lack of requisite capacity (to understand the last signed will)
  • Ineffective execution of the will (if any of the legal requirements were not met when the testator signed the will)

Additionally, if you believe the personal representative of an estate is embezzling money from the estate or improperly managing estate property or assets in any way, please contact our attorneys immediately.

Our attorneys investigate the facts and determine whether you have a valid case. As local attorneys, we are familiar with the nuances of Forsyth, Dawson, and other local probate courts, and we act quickly to protect your interests.

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