Estate Administration

As local attorneys, we are familiar with the nuances of Forsyth, Dawson, and other area probate courts. If you are named an executor or trustee for someone's estate, our lawyers will file your petition to probate to ensure all of the legal notice requirements are met for the decedent's heirs. Our attorneys work tirelessly to review the decedent's will, contact each legal heir, and file the appropriate paperwork with probate court.

How long does the probate process take?

The process oftentimes slows due to a lack of contact information for each of the decedent's legal heirs. You can help speed up the process by bringing an original will, contact information for each of the decedent's heirs, and any other paperwork you have regarding the decedent's estate. Georgia law requires an estate to remain open for at least three months, but it may take longer to probate an estate depending on the type of assets in the estate.

Probate court costs.

Please keep in mind there are numerous filing fees associated with probate courts, and we ask for a cost deposit in addition to our usual and customary fees. As soon as the estate is open, as personal representative, you may reimburse yourself for these fees.

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