Business Incorporation & Dissolution

As local attorneys, we take pride in helping fellow small business owners in Cumming, Georgia protect themselves from legal liability.

Business Incorporation


The best way to keep your personal assets safe is through incorporating your business. Incorporation separates your business and personal assets and offers potential tax benefits. An attorney who is well versed in corporate law is essential to ensuring the incorporation process is properly completed.

Our lawyers work closely with your CPA to determine the proper choice of entity and whether or not you should incorporate as a Subchapter S Corporation or as a C Corporation. We also help your business by drafting corporate bylaws and helping you maintain accurate minutes in your Corporate Minute Book. In the event your company becomes the target of a lawsuit, you want to be certain your Corporate Minute Book is up to date to ensure your personal assets are shielded from liability.

Limited Liability Corporations

You may wish to consider a Limited Liability Corporation or LLC. LLCs also have potential tax benefits and are designed to shield one partner's assets from liability in the event another partner has liability for his or her acts or omissions. They are particularly attractive to groups of professional persons, such as doctors, lawyers, certified public accountants, real estate investment corporations, etc. We will work closely with your CPA to determine whether or not a limited liability corporation is the most appropriate way to set up your business.

Incorporation of Non-Profit Corporations

We also help individuals who are seeking to incorporate a non-profit entity. There are significant differences involved between profit and non-profit corporations. Although, we do not handle applications to obtain Section 501(c)(3) charitable designations, we know how to structure the articles of incorporation to make certain the proper requirements for such application are included. We can also put you in touch with a qualified CPA who can guide you through the Section 501(c)(3) charitable application process.

Corporate Dissolution

In the event you decide to dissolve your business, for any reason, please contact our law firm for assistance. Georgia Law provides two methods to accomplish dissolution of your business. Whichever method you chose, we will make sure you understand the ramifications of each choice and assist you in making the right decision.

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