How to Prepare for Your Consultation

At Meincke Law Group, P.C., we ask potential clients to schedule a consultation to begin the hiring process. Consultation serve multiple purposes: (1) it helps us assess a case in more detail and discuss strategy with a potential client and (2) it helps the potential client decide whether we are a “good fit” to work together.

Paperwork: As a potential client, you can be best prepared for a consultation with us by bringing all paperwork relevant to your issue to the meeting. For example, if you have a family law issue and you’ve been served with a complaint for divorce, we need to know the exact date you were served in order to be able to advise you about important deadlines. If your case has already started and other paperwork has been filed, bring a copy of each filing as well.

A List of Questions: In order to make the most of our time together, feel free to write down specific questions you have about your legal matter. Oftentimes, we will answer your questions over the course of your consultation, but a list will help you remember anything you wanted to be sure to ask us.

Cost: Potential clients sometimes ask us why we charge for our consultations. The answer is that it gives all parties incentive to be fully invested in the meeting. You are paying us for our time and legal expertise, and we in turn are able to give you thorough and specific advice. If we were not paid for our time, it would be easy for us to give potential clients only the information they want to hear in order get them hire us or, alternatively, to keep the meeting as short and sweet as possible. Attorneys who offer free consultations often “bake in” the cost of the consultation after the fact. Our clients deserve better, and they find the information we give them well worth the price.

You can expect to be treated with dignity and respect at your consultation, and we will not disclose any details to outside parties. We stand in the gap for clients facing legal uncertainty, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact our Cumming, Georgia office today to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific divorce, custody, family law, or other legal needs. The above is for general information purposes only.