What to Know Before We Draft Your Will

You already know why you need a will, an advance directive for health care, and a durable power of attorney, but there are other considerations to make before scheduling your appointment with us. The following items will help you determine if you need us to review your will and what provisions to incorporate into your new will.

Do I need to update my will? If your will has not been updated in several years, you have had a major change in life circumstances (i.e. death of a spouse, marriage, divorce, birth of a child), or if your will was drafted in another state, we should review your will.

Please bring in a copy of any prior and/or current will to our meeting. This gives us a starting point from which to make any changes.

Do you need to sign your will before a certain deadline? Oftentimes, clients update their wills before traveling. Please let us know if you need your will completed by a specific date. We usually send you a draft to review within a week, but please allow two weeks from your initial appointment to the date you sign your will.

Burial or cremation? Estate planning is not always easy to think about, however, your burial wishes are typically included in your will. Please consider which option you prefer.

How can I protect my minor children? I could probably dedicate an entire post to this question, but we will typically create a minor’s trust in your will. Consider who you want to appoint as your children’s trustee and guardian (including an alternate trustee and alternate guardian).

Your child’s trustee is bound to manage the money you leave in the trust according to the terms in your will. Your child’s guardian is the person who takes custody of your child if something happens to you and your spouse. However, if you are divorced, your ex-spouse automatically takes custody of your children (unless he or she is unable, unwilling, or unavailable to do so for any reason).

These are only a few items to consider, but they will help you determine how you may want to draft your new will. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for further information.