Self Help & Family Law

Family law clients experience problems when either they or their spouse/former spouse/family member attempt to unilaterally resolve a dispute over visitation, custody, child support, or some other issue which must be determined by a court (especially during the pendency of a divorce). Tensions often run high in family disputes, and these types of offenders may damage not only their relationships with their family, but also their legal standing, by ignoring an existing court order.

For example, if a non-custodial parent refuses to return his or her minor child from visitation, regardless of whatever problems are going on at home, he or she has violated a court order. Of course, if there is some type of clear danger posed to the child/children, those actions may be justified, but the court’s order has still been violated.

Another example is when a non-custodial spouse loses a job and cannot afford to pay child support. Regardless of their ability to pay, they are in violation of the court order until they successfully modify the child support. Verbal agreements are not enforceable.

Judges therefore may sanction folks who take these types of actions without going through the proper legal avenue. Therefore, if there is any type of situation which may necessitate or at least favor a change of child custody or child support, you should seek the advice of an attorney as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, because the court systems in Cumming, Georgia and other metro-Atlanta counties are so overloaded with cases, clients must wait anywhere from 1-3 months before they are able to see a judge (parties in Forsyth County also must attend mediation before going to court). So, it is imperative to work cooperatively with your attorney so they may requires for the appropriate relief as soon as a situation arises.

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